product care

at bali bungalow, we are passionate about delivering high quality handcrafted products that are made to last. a little love and attention from time to time, goes a long way.



our teak is all high grade, sustainably sourced teak.

teak is easy to maintain and requires minimum care unless exposed to the elements for a period of time.

for indoors: the general rule of thumb is to clean your furniture with a white cloth and distilled water. 

for outdoors: you can lightly sand the teak every year and apply a water based polyurethane if you want to keep them looking like new, otherwise it will age beautifully and naturally



all of our leather is full grain, which is more natural than genuine leather,. we ask that you take some extra care with your new leather so that it stays in the family for years to come. it may look and seem tough as nails, but leather does require a bit of attention here and there. it can stretch, scar and scratch. but with a little tender love, keeping it tip-top, becomes second nature.

try these tips:

  • keep it out of direct sun to avoid fading
  • keep the piece distanced from fireplaces and heating vents. high temps and humidity can dry leather out
  • looking dusty? just clean it with soft cloth
  • we recommend you steer clear of wax, polish, soaps and oil leather cleaners. they’ll tarnish the finish or discolour the leather
  • for little spots and spills use a dampened, soft white cloth and let it air dry
  • for oil, butter, or grease spills use a clean, dry cloth. keep water out of this one. the spot should naturally sink into the leather and fade away eventually
  • for thorough cleaning, we suggest taking it to a leather specialist only