our story



bali bungalow was inspired by the owners Indonesian heritage and culture. we are so honored to share the beauty of the craftsmanships that has been preserved through generations in the midst of modernization and mass production era. Wwe hope that bali bungalow will bring a sense of adventure and relaxation and turn your home into a tropical sanctuary. 



at bali bungalow, our products are handmade by our local artisans in Indonesia using indigenous techniques that have been passed down through generations. we want to share our love for our culture and heritage while creating a positive social impact. we eschew the mass production and we work with cottage industry in which allow the artisans work from home, look after their children and also provide an income for their family. 


eco-friendly and sustainable 

we are committed to encourage a sustainable living by ethically source eco-friendly materials for our products including natural straws, seagrass, rattan, cotton, shells and wood.