Bring Bali to your home

Bring Bali to your home

it’s an interesting concept, bringing an entire island and all the culture and beauty it possesses to one’s home, but in this new world, it’s a concept & mindset we believe in

it’s been some time since our last post which went out in early 2020 just as everything as we knew it, was about to change.  thankfully, bali bungalow was able to weather the storm and grow as more and more people found their workspace in their living room and kitchen. we left nyc and opened a studio and showroom in stonington, ct., we started projects with a half dozen restaurants  including 2 in nyc & 2 in miami.  and what has stood out the most through all of this, has been our ability to thrive and grow by bringing a relaxing & calming environment to people all over the country.

not only have we been bringing bali to america, we have also been helping our suppliers, friends and family in bali, especially during a time when help was greatly needed.  we now partner with 20+ suppliers in bali & east java, each of whom specializes in various styles of sustainably sourced, handmade furniture & décor.  this is at the very core of cottage industry and sustainability.  our suppliers source and specialize in unique pieces that will last a lifetime and not destroy the ecosystems from which they are made.  these methods have been passed down through generations and are still part of how most everything is made in bali.

we are also replacing what we use tenfold, for every chair we sell we plant 3 trees in Indonesia through our partnership with “One Tree Planted” (  this is the best way to offset the carbon footprint we absorb through shipping.  being 100% sustainable is still a far way off, but replacing that which we use, and using less, is the most effective approach at this time.  as we continue to form new relationships and search for more sustainable packaging & shipping methods, we take pride in providing unique sustainably sourced products that will last a lifetime and bring a sense of calm to your space.

if we can all learn that less truly is more, we will find peace and harmony with nature and each other.