5 Ways To Add Texture To Your Living Space

Bali Villa with black leather and wood ocassional chair

Picking out homewares is one of the most exciting and overwhelming parts about owning a home. We often get asked by customers how they can elevate their space and bring texture, coziness, and that ‘zen’ feeling to their space. 

Today we’re diving into 5 simple tips to transform your space into a visual sanctuary using some key principles of interior design. 

1. Set A Vision

Before you begin styling your living space, envision the atmosphere you want to create – whether it’s a serene Balinese retreat or a vibrant tropical escape. Hop on Pinterest and create a little mood board, writing down keywords that represent the overall style you’re going for.

2. Choose Your Palette

As with any design project, having a cohesive color palette is important to tie the space together and give it intention. After you’ve honed your vision, choose 3-5 colors that you’d like your living space to incorporate and then build from there. For example, if your colors are white, cream, blue, and brown, you may start with a white island and add some  textural wooden stools  to bring in the brown. 

Rattan pendant light with textured throw on bed

3. Layer It Up

Once you have your main items in place (sofa, kitchen island, etc.), play around with various textures and styles to give your space personality. Consider draping a cozy,  handwoven throw  over your sofa, adding a colorful rug on the floor, or introducing  woven pendant lights  and colorful pillows to elevate the space. 

Rattan pendant light

4. Experiment With Texture

As you already have a color palette nailed down, don’t be afraid to add texture by playing around with different materials.  Leather and wood  make a beautiful pairing for a modern style. Try the pairing on a bar stool or occasional chair for that wow factor. 

Rattan coffee tabl

5. Bring The Outdoors In

When developing a home ‘sanctuary’ one of the best ways to bring texture is by adding natural elements such as plants and textures like rattan. Bale Homewares' handcrafted rattan furniture seamlessly blends with any decor style, offering an easy way to bring a touch of Bali's natural beauty to your home. Whether it's a  rattan chair  or  coffee table , these elements add an organic and inviting feel to your living space.

Incorporating these easy tips will not only add texture to your living space but also create an oasis for the senses. 

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